Lookout sits high in the trees, a private, romantic retreat overlooking the lake. A raised, king-size bed gazes out through French windows to a sunny, private deck, the slim pillars of the pines, the pale sky. Two armchairs stand near the stone fireplace, a sofa faces the woods and water. One rounded door leads to a walk-in closet, another to a bathroom with double marble sinks, and a steam shower for two.

Lookout Guestroom At The Point Resort

As befits a treetop home, Lookout is paneled all in painted wood and bejeweled with forest colors: deep greens, berry red, the gold of afternoon light. And as you lie in bed at night, with the fire crackling in the hearth, you can see the interlaced branches of the trees outside—as close to the heavens as you can be.

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