• The Point Resort Picnic area in the Adirondacks, NY
  • Birds-eye view of the Adirondacks
  • Boating in Lake Saranac, Adirondacks NY
  • Hiking in the Adirondacks
  • Scenery in the Adirondacks
  • Beautiful morning fog in the Adirondacks

The great Adirondack Park is a wonderland, a six-million-acre wilderness blanketing upstate New York from Albany all the way to Canada.

The Adirondacks At The Point Resort

The legendary "High Peaks" - 46 mountains soaring higher than 4,000 feet - form the crown of the park, and the vast forest spreads out below them. It is a wild paradise composed of countless clear, cold lakes and tumbling streams, alpine meadows, and untold miles of trails. There is a special silence to be found here, skimming on skis through the snowy woods; waiting for trout to rise to a fly; or watching the campfire flicker in the mirrored edge of a lake.

Great North Woods

Small clapboard villages are scattered throughout the Adirondacks, and there is art, culture and world-class sporting opportunities as well—but it is the untamed nature of these "Great North Woods," the magic of wild places, which has drawn people for centuries.

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